What else is wrong with videos on YouTube?

YouTube is very popular and it’s great for watching videos on a computer yourself – it is not great in any way for playing videos on a projector screen to an audience because:

  • It relies on the Internet working – you need to be able to stream the video, if your internet stops working part way through the service then you are stuffed – you really want to be able to download a video file and play that.
  • No way to download a video file (see above)
  • Going full screen, and pressing play on the web page is cumbersome and distracting – your audience will see your franticly trying to find the play button whilst they wait for the video to be played.
  • Questionable quality – The quality of the video and the audio may be poor – low resolution. This will not make it enjoyable to watch.
  • Questionable legality – anyone can upload any video – the video you play may already be breaking copyright laws.
  • Adverts – there may well be adverts at the beginning of the video – do you really want to be playing those in church?
  • May be subject to copyright – the video you have found on YouTube may well be a commercially available video that you can purchase for a few pounds from the actual maker of the video or a website that sells video legitimately. Playing the video without paying for it means the person who made is is missing out on getting paid.
  • Yes, you can use other ‘tools’ to download videos from YouTube, but this also breaks the Terms of YouTube.